Professional N95 Mask Fit Testing in Ottawa and Newmarket

Professional N95 Mask Fit Testing in Ottawa and Newmarket

GEM offers N95 Mask Fit Testing in Ottawa and Newmarket for organizations and individuals

The GEM Health Care Services N95 Mask Fit Testing program is based on the standards and procedures of the respiratory mask manufacturer (3M™), the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and the Ministry of Labour. They also conform to the Canadian Standards Association and the National Institute of Safety and Health.

GEM HCS organizes personal health protection clinics for the public when required and in response to the influenza pandemic warnings of world health care authorities. The N95 respiratory mask is a major component of our health protection program. The mask is fit tested to each person, in compliance with provincial health directives.

GEM HCS can send a team of trained N95 Mask Fit Testers to your location or conduct one-on-one N95 mask fit tests in one of our locations in Newmarket or Ottawa. We

also run our personal health protection clinics on an ongoing basis!

GEM HCS started its Mask Fit Testing program in March 2003 in response to emerging infectious diseases, like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). After the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care put its enhanced practices for health care providers and facilities in place, GEM HCS performed hundreds of institutional mask fit tests of the 3M™ N95 Respirator Masks in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. To date, we’ve mask fit tested more than 20,000 people in our communities!

Mask Fit testing for industrial/construction workers

GEM Health Care Services is pleased to expand its offering of mask fit testing services to industrial and construction workers in Ottawa and Newmarket

The modes we can mask fit test are:

3M™ full and half 6100 mask series

P100 North full and half mask Series

Scott AV 3000 respirator

We encourage all participants to bring their own mask

We can accommodate on-site testing at your industrial plant or construction site, or one-on-one, by appointment, at the GEM office.

To find more about what you can do to keep your workforce safe and healthy, please contact us today!

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