When it comes to navigating home care, we have your back

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Finding help for your loved one when they need it the most is never easy.

That’s why Gaye Moffett truly is a ‘gem’ (pardon the pun) when it comes to advocating for her clients and the public in general.

Here are a few ways she pitches in: 

Talking to insurance companies

Being fortunate enough to have private insurance may be a wonderful thing, but getting it approved can sometimes be a challenge.

Insurance companies need to know that the care you need reaches the threshold for a nurse, not just homemaking or personal care.

If for some reason you get turned down, you may not know what to do next. 

This is where Gaye steps in on behalf of her clients. She will contact your insurance company herself and explain why a nursing level of care is required, which helps speed up the approval process.

Representing her clients with Home Care Ontario 

One of the benefits of the Canadian healthcare system is that it combines public options with family-funded care.

This creates a flexibility that allows folks with private insurance to supplement what they’re already eligible for. However, this can also make the system more complex and tough to navigate.

That’s why Gaye takes an active role with Home Care Ontario, to be aware of gaps in the system so she can advocate for family-funded care providers.

By staying in the loop, Gaye helps her clients get the care they need while reducing demand on the public system.

Identifies and advocates for key pieces of legislation to reduce home care costs for Ontarians

By networking with other home care professionals and developing strong working relationships with officials at every level of government, Gaye has her eye on the big picture. 

Through her understanding of how each level of government supports home care services for all Canadians, she can effectively advocate for specific legislation changes. 

In addition to playing a part in the Ontario government’s legislation that requires the licensing of Temporary Help Agencies, Gaye is working behind the scenes on two more key pieces of legislation that will make home care more affordable at the provincial and federal levels.

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