GEM vaccine post

How GEM is making it easier to get vaccinated

While there are many options for getting vaccinated in Ottawa this winter, they often take your employees away from work. 

That’s why GEM Health Care’s Gaye Moffett wants to make it more convenient for people who want to get vaccinated to get their flu shot and COVID booster. 

She’s doing that by offering employers the option to set up a vaccine clinic at their place of work.

“Employers can book us for a Workplace Wellness Clinic,” said Moffett. “We’re approved to administer the flu shot and the COVID vaccine, so it’s a one-stop shop.”

Employees who want to get vaccinated won’t need to wade through online forms to set up appointments during work hours, commute to an outpatient clinic and face possible delays.

And employers can feel confident that they’re providing a service to help keep their operations running smoothly by preventing absenteeism due to illness or illness of a loved one. They’ll also be creating a place customers and clients feel safe visiting.

How it works

The process will run the same as any other clinic. 

GEM’s nurses will first conduct an assessment to ask about risks, like contraindications, to ensure it’s safe to administer the vaccine.

“The nurse goes through a health assessment, makes sure there’s a signed consent form, said Moffett. “Then we provide proof of vaccination.”

While the vaccines are provided at no cost by the Ontario government, employers will need to pay for the nurses’ time as well as supplies like needles, bandages and cotton swabs. 

The COVID vaccine GEM’s team will be administering is the Omicron XBB.1.5 strain vaccine from Pfizer.

“We’ve got all levels of dosage: children over 12 years of age, adults and seniors,” said Moffett

GEM follows the same laws and privacy standards as any other clinic, so employees can be assured that their health information is kept confidential.

“As a health provider, we keep everything confidential,” said Moffet. “No information is shared with the workplace.”

Interested? GEM is booking workplace clinics right now. 

If you want to book an employee wellness clinic for your employees, contact GEM here.